Freelance availability: Unavailable (you can still contact me, but I might not be able to take your job)

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My Skills:

I do mainly High-poly and Low-poly 3D asset creation (modelling, shading, texturing), with a focus on characters, but I am also fully capable of environments and prop-modelling. I have experience doing work for popular game engines like Unreal, Unity, and CryEngine among others, I also have experience doing PBR (Pysically Based Shading) for game engines such as Unreal , as well as traditional Diffuse/Normal/Specular shading and texturing work for other game engines,  and also render engines such as V-Ray and Mental Ray. I’m quite familiar with most of the CG asset creation pipeline, including sculpting, retopology, baking, UV-Unwrapping, texturing, vertex-painting, shading, basic rigging, and exporting to a variety of formats and softwares.

Software Expertise:

Modelling/Retopology: Maya, Zbrush, Blender

Texturing: Mudbox, Photoshop, SubstancePainter, XNormal

Rendering: VRay, Mentalray, Cycles

Game Engines: Unreal, CryEngine, Unity



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