• Epic Quest

    Here’s my latest artwork, done initially for the Blenderguru “Fantasy” competition, in which I managed to knock loose a very respectable 2nd place!

    I really love big, imposing characters with lots of presence, and what could possibly be more imposing than an armored polar bear? (Also, that polar bear from “Through the Looking Glass” was really epic) 😉

    Also, I decided to enter this in the CGTrader awards contest, which you can check out here.

    anyway, hope you like it!

    Participant of CGTrader Awards https://www.cgtrader.com/awards

    Participant of CGTrader Awards



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  • Rombout

    I think i saw this piece back then, looks so great. Whatup with the second shot, was that an extra rende orso?

    You have great skills man. I wish i could model and do human and fantasy characters. Never really tried, but i hardly can draw and not jack about body autonomy