• Artstation Journey Challenge entry

    I would like to show off my latest artwork, this one is done for the Artstation Journey challenge. I used a variety of software like Zbrush, Mudbox, SubstancePainter, Xnormal, Photoshop, Gimp, NgPlant etc. but as usual Blender/Cycles was the base foundation and main tool with which I modeled, textured, shaded and lit virtually everything, including the landscape, characters, tortoise, background, particle-systems, and everything else.


    A giant boulderback tortoise, transporting rare potions and fine ale from the Blackmountain breweries. The journey is a long one, but the massive reptile lumbers on day after day, slow yet unstoppable. Mainly used for hauling siege engines in wartime, Boulderbacks are known far and wide for their incredible strength, and their ability to survive for months without food. They are the oldest creatures alive, easily reaching seven or eight centuries old, and are by far the toughest. Virtually nothing, not even dragons, can pierce their thick shells. The shrewd merchants from Blackmountain were quick to recognize the value of strength over speed, especially when hauling their famous ale along the big river down to the coastal towns and cities.

    My entry for the Artstation Journey challenge

    My entry for the Artstation Journey challenge

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