• BlenderGuru “Dreamland” competition winner

    Hi all,

    It’s been some time since I uploaded a full artwork, so here it is! This one was done for the Blender Guru “Dreamland” competition.. I really had a blast creating it. The jellyfish are supposed to be a kind of “visual representation” of what she’s listening on her headphones. Perhaps not a dreamland in the traditional sense, but good music always sets me daydreaming. 😀

    Anyway, hope you like it!

    EDIT: Turns out this artwork actually won the competition! Big thank you to Andrew and the other judges.. Winning the Blenderguru competition is a dream come true for me! Also, congrats and thank you to all the other participants and finalists. You guys rock! 😀


    BlenderGuru “Dreamland” competition entry












    Wireframe view