• Cycles Material Vault – Beta Testing

    I’ve recently been recruited by the one and only Reynante Martinez to do some beta testing for his upcoming Cycles Material Vault

    The CMV is a large library of high quality, ultra flexible,  physically based Cycles materials for artists to use in their Blender scenes. I’ve been helping to test it for bugs, and I must say so far it’s proving to be a huge time-saver. Even in beta stage the materials are extremely well optimized and they just seem to look good, even with crappy lighting and modelling. Materials such as rock, bark, dirt, hair, concrete, are only a few of the many available ones in the vault, and each can be customized down to the last pixel. This is a really exciting project, and I’ve no doubt it will be a game changer for many artists who use Blender.

    Here is a little WIP scene that I’m busy working on, using only CMV materials:

    Cycles Material Vault

    Cycles Material Vault – Beta testing










    You can read more about CMV here on the official  website: cyclesmaterialvault.com

    and you can stay up to date on it via the FB page: facebook.com/cyclesmaterialvault/

    Enjoy! 😀